LattixTM is one unique tool which is capable to taking up architectural analysis of code to a different level. This is a Static Code Analyser tool specializing on finding our dependencies between the routines and sub routines of a code base. LattixTM is the only tool available commercially to employ a concept known as “Dependency Structured Matrix” popularly known as DSMTM to depict the dependencies across all the elements in a code base.

The beauty of the LattixTM tool lies in the very fact that not only it would allow one to check on all the dependencies of a code base but it depicts the entire dependency of a code in a mathematical model which can very well be employed to work on some dependency algorithm which will be able to show all the good and bad dependencies of the code in the DSMTM.

LattixTM allows to only to find out the dependencies in a code base but also to create some dependency rule sets that can be implemented through this tool enabling some control on adherence to a particular architectural rule for the entire development team. It has a very well developed impact analysis capability which can allow the team to do a “what if” analysis on a code base with ease.

LattixTM is a product from Lattix Inc. which is headquartered in North Reading, MA, US. LattixTM is available commercially to clients from the year 2004 and since then more than 300 companies across various industry domains use LattixTM for conquering software architectural challenges.

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