CantataTMis a very well known automated unit and integration testing suite for C and C++ languages. CantataTM is a unique tool which also includes code coverage as a part of the automated unit and integration testing. It is one of the few tools available commercially which is capable of taking up testing based on some specific coding standards of IEC, ISO, MISRA, DO-178C and so on. CantataTM also provides a certification for the testing that it takes up which is a requirement for all the clients who are using any kind of testing tool on their code.

CantataTM is a complete test suite which not only enables team to take up unit and integration testing, but also allows to create test plans, import existing written test cases into the tool and also do white box, black box and structural testing for C, C++ codes.

CantataTM seamlessly integrates with complex embedded system target environment like KEIL, IAR, Renesas and so on making this tool as one of the kind of tool that is very easy to use and also dependable. CantataTM is a product from “QA-Systems” which is a company head quartered in Germany. However the entire team of development of CantataTM is stationed in Bath, UK.

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