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Code Securely and Faster with Open Source

Automate your open source security and compliance processes with WhiteSource’s advanced technology which makes it easy to develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility.

Check Every Component Automatically

No component overlooked. WhiteSource identifies every open source component in your software, including dependencies. It then secures you from vulnerabilities and enforces license policies throughout the software development lifecycle. The result? Faster, smoother development without compromising on security.

Fix What Matters Most

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. WhiteSource prioritizes vulnerabilities based on whether your code utilizes them or not, so you know exactly what needs your attention the most. This reduces security alerts by up to 85%, allowing you to remediate more critical issues faster.

The Challenges of Open Source Security

The open source community does a good job securing open source projects, detecting vulnerabilities and coming up with fixes, but by its very nature open source is a decentralized operation. Data about vulnerabilities is spread out over multiple resources, making it impossible for corporations to manually match vulnerabilities listed in these dispersed listings to those in their applications.

Without transparency into their open source inventory corporations are unable to detect vulnerable components, leaving them as ticking time bombs in their source code.

Step I: Vulnerability Detection

You can’t fix what you don’t know you have. It’s that simple. WhiteSource is able to detect all vulnerable open source components in your application, including in your transitive dependencies, in over 200 programming languages.

Prioritizing Effective Vulnerabilities – WhiteSource’s Effective Usage Analysis technology adds a never before seen level of resolution for understanding which vulnerable functionalities are indeed effective (i.e. getting calls from the proprietary code). Thus, reducing open source vulnerability alerts by 70% and helping development teams prioritize the issues that truly need fixing.

Comprehensive Database – Our database provides the largest coverage of vulnerability listings, with more than 200 programming languages supported and continuous monitoring of multiple vulnerability databases including the CVE/NVD, a wide range of security advisories, and popular open source projects issue trackers.

Step II: Vulnerability Remediation

If detection is the crucial first step, remediation efforts are the race to the finish line. Once a vulnerability has been published in the community issue trackers, hackers are on it and ready to exploit. To be effective, remediation efforts must therefore be timely. Remediation requires that developers and security teams work swiftly and efficiently with code they are not familiar with and did not write themselves.

Pinpointing the Path to Vulnerabilities – WhiteSource provides full trace analysis, pinpointing the vulnerable functionality in your code and mapping out the way the vulnerability is being used in your application. These actionable insights cut remediation efforts significantly.

Suggested Fixes – Beyond sourcing vulnerabilities reported throughout the open source community, we also aggregate their remediation possibilities as offered by the community. Ranging from links to patches to new versions, recommendations for system configuration changes to blocking a specific function, we list all known fixing options for you to choose from.

Step III: Continuous Monitoring

Due to the extensive amount of data held by the open source community, and because of open source’s decentralized nature with vulnerability data spread out across multiple databases and security advisories, it is a nearly impossible mission to manually manage all aspects of open source security at scale. Only an automated solution can ensure secure open source usage.

Enforce Policies Automatically Throughout the SDLC – WhiteSource enables you to automatically enforce your security, quality and license compliance policies to block vulnerable or problematic components and get full control over your open source usage.

Integrate Open Source Security into Your CI/CD pipeline – WhiteSource integrates out-of-the-box with all common software development and testing platforms to speed up your software development process and automate the entire process of open source components selection, approval and the detection and remediation of open source security vulnerabilities.