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Small enough to care.

What we do & Unique offering

Did you know that lion in South Africa sleeps for 20 hours and works for only 4 hours and still holds the position of king of Jungle, because it attacks right opportunity at right time using right approach.

With over 11 years in business & over 250+ clients in India, we are in the business of helping organization work like Lion and get lions share.

We provide automation & Integrations solutions to simplify complex software development process across SDLC, help develop quality & secure code and all of that with reduced cycle times especially for Telecom, Automotive, Defence & Aerospace, Healthcare companies.

Sample clients are Mercedes, ABB, CISCO, LG, Accenture, IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, CAIR, DRDO.

Our unique offering is our ability to think and act from 360degree perspective. Having played multiple & extended roles across SDLC enables us to keep business & end user needs in mind. This skill is now the most required skill in the digital revolution that is happening in IT industry.

Why We do what we do 

With lack of right knowledge, right tools & technology, support system, it took 22 years of back-breaking labour for our mountain man Dasharth Manjhi to carve a road because he had access to just Chisel and Hammer.

Can you imagine what else he could have achieved with his passion to be the change in today’s time with technology on his side?

Way back as a software developer, we felt like Manjhi, though we were doing lot of hard work, the outcome was insignificant & at times ended up with sleepless night, carrying a sleeping bag in office, firefighting deadlines even though our release cycle used to be once in 6 months. All this causing imbalance in our life.

We realized the need to help Software community work smartly & hence we are passionate about improving the software delivery processes!

In our entrepreneurial journey, we leverage the power of technology to enable people to work smartly, celebrate moments in life & avoid unwanted work pressure.

How we do

Today Technology has changed, delivery cycles have changed & Time is not on our side.

Amazon is releasing software every 2 sec – this is possible only with right processes & tools & Automating those process for CI&CD- DevOps & agile ways.

Our focus is People, Process, Technology and Tools. We have collaborated with some of the best award-winning tools across the globe. These are Niche Technology oriented patented solutions to address the ongoing challenges of Development, testing & Operations team.

We believe in investing in continuous trainings of our consultants & clients & ourselves!

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