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Static Code Analysis is a technique employed in software development for checking on the source code without giving any external inputs to the code. The code is checked out for defects caused due to programming errors which can cause a security issue or a complete crash of the code during it’s actual execution.
It is to be noted that “Static Code Analysis” is normally taken up with the help of some automated tool which helps to do a complete branch coverage and path coverage, making it sure that all the parts of the software is checked on before the code is pushed to the next stage.
Statically the code can be checked in terms of security vulnerabilities, architectural flaws and compliance to some specific coding standards. Specialized software tools are available to take up these checks and certification is also given by these tool vendors to certify the software accordingly. Usage of Static Code analysis tools in India on rise after service companies started using Devops concepts to improve efficiencies of SDLC.Static Code Analysis is the secret weapon of modern software development. It's a cutting-edge technique that automatically scans your source code for issues and vulnerabilities without ever executing the code. By analyzing the code structure and logic, it identifies potential problems before they become costly bugs or security breacheswe provide a powerful Static Code Analysis platform that empowers developers to create high-quality, secure, and efficient code. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing development tools, enabling your team

The Role of SCA in DevSecOps

DevSecOps thrives on automation, and SCA aligns perfectly with this principle. By automating the SCA process in the CI/CD pipeline, developers receive real-time feedback on security issues, enabling them to address vulnerabilities promptly.
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Why Static Code Analysis?
  • Run Automated Code Scans: Seamlessly integrate with your development tools to run automated code scans effortlessly

  • Issue Prioritization: Prioritize and track issues for efficient resolution, optimizing your development process.

  • Customizable Rule Sets: Tailor rule sets to match your coding standards and project requirements precisely.

  • Detailed Reports: Receive comprehensive reports on code quality, security, and performance, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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