Open-Source Software Security

Open-Source Code gives programmers the speed and agility to develop new capabilities, as well as to quickly achieve functionality which might take them weeks or months to develop. And open software gives developers greater flexibility at a significant savings as most open-source software is distributed freely. Most organizations estimate that open-source code makes up 60-80% of their proprietary application.

Open-Source Code is offered mainly by developers or group of programmers to... READ MORE

Mobile Application Security – Is your Mobile App is Secure?

Mobile Application Industry is rapidly growing where you will find mobile app for doing almost everything in daily life. Mobile App User provide privacy sensitive data through these Apps and it is responsibility of App development companies to protect customer data.

Mobile Application Security focuses on the Software Security posture of mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows phone. All popular mobile platforms provide security controls designed to... READ MORE

Dynamic Code Analysis for your Application Security

With the reports of data breaches regularly which we are seeing in the news, securing the SDLC becoming so important now a days. Data breaches have not only become more common they have also become more costly as many governments are getting very strict on privacy of citizen’s data. Therefore, organizations must carefully choose the security techniques to implement. Static and Dynamic are the two most popular types of code... READ MORE

Test Automation

In Software Testing Test Automation is the technique to test and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. This can be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tools like Squish, Selenium, Ranorex, TestComplete and so on. Test Automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are time consuming and difficult to perform manually.

There are some critical decisions which need to be... READ MORE

Use All your machine power to improve productivity

Have you seen that few humans work too much and other just sit and do nothing? We call this injustice in Human world but what if we see same patterns in Machin world as well.

Most of the start up starts with smaller code base but when they become successful, their code base grows bigger and bigger by each passing year because of new features and security aspects of the code... READ MORE

Devops and Automation

Software development model has been changing rapidly since 2006. First V development model got changed to Agile methodology, but everyone is moving towards Devops and DevSecOps.

Let’s First discuss about the need of moving from Agile to Devops. As we know, software is getting in every field now. Any luxury car is having 1200 microchips and every chip is having sophisticated device drivers to run various features. Software needs is expected... READ MORE

Interactive Application Security Testing ( IAST)

This is a relatively new technique and a term coined by the “Gartner” team for conducting comprehensive web application security testing keeping the application running. “IAST” is a quite different kind of testing technique when compared with “DAST” and definitely “SAST”. This blog is aimed to give you a quick snapshot of this technique and the key aspects associated with it. 

“Interactive Application Security Testing”, IAST, as it is called is... READ MORE

Static Analysis

If there is any bright spot in the recent Covid-19 mess, it is software’s ability to connect the world and enable nearly every major facet of modern life to persist. When Software fails to work as expected, negative implications are worse than ever. One of the examples is Zoom outrage. Bugs are bad and we should remove them as early as possible when working on a software product. Typically, we... READ MORE

Handling Software Security Risks

Hackers are tireless, innovative, motivated.  They are an unfortunate reality of the software and applications industry today.  From automotive to medical to consumer products and more.

The potential for their efforts to result in real risks and failures is well documented. If your software fails, people are going to hear about it.  It will cost your company time, money, reputation, etc.  And it goes without saying that you would not want... READ MORE

How to lower Cyber Security risks in your Application?

You will never hear a good doctor saying, “Just take a spoonful of this cure-all every day and you’ll feel great.” Cure-alls don’t exist, and anyone trying to sell one is lying. It is the same story in cyber security. No one tool does everything, and no “easy button” exists that will magically lower your risk and keep you safe.

If you have always allowed your developers to use whatever third-party... READ MORE