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Integrated and Automated Workflows
Streamline pull-request and commit scans, saving time on manual reviews.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Gain transparent insights into business and engineering impacts, enabling proactive corrective actions
Refactoring Support
Utilize the partitioning assistant for suggestions on breaking down large classes, and visualize anti-patterns for better understanding.




Multi-dimensional Scan
Detect design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, metric violations, and duplication
18 Usable Code Metrics
Access industry-leading code metrics for in-depth assessments and continuous improvement.
Quality Gates
Set up pull request and repository level gates to prevent the introduction of low-quality code.

Need assistance with refactoring?

Our partitioning assistant offers expert suggestions on breaking down large classes to improve maintainability, while anti-pattern visualization helps developers grasp issues within their context.
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• Seamless Integration: Link Your Repositories to Embold for Instant Insight!
•Effortless Scanning: Let Embold Automatically or Manually Assess Your Repositories, Pull Requests, and Commits.
•Explore Everywhere: Dive into Scan Results via Web UI or Versatile Plugins for Unparalleled Visibility

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Key Principles

Our multi-dimensional scan is unparalleled, detecting design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, metric violations, and code duplication. With 18 industry-leading code metrics at your disposal, you can conduct thorough assessments and drive continuous improvement effortlessly. is more than just a tool – it's your strategic partner in total code quality management. Trust us to empower your team with the insights and tools needed to deliver exceptional software, every time. transforms static code analysis into a seamless and effective process, empowering developers and teams to achieve unparalleled levels of code quality. Our platform conducts thorough and comprehensive analyses, meticulously examining every aspect of your codebase to unearth potential issues, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies. By leveraging advanced algorithms, automates the detection of code smells, design flaws, and anti-patterns, freeing developers from the constraints of manual reviews. However, we go beyond mere detection; we provide actionable insights, offering clear explanations of why issues occur and suggesting efficient solutions. With customizable rulesets, users can tailor static code analysis to align with industry standards or internal best practices, ensuring relevance and accuracy. Moreover, seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, supporting popular version control systems like Git and delivering analysis results directly within developers' preferred environments. This integration fosters a continuous improvement mindset, allowing teams to monitor code quality trends over time and track the impact of their efforts through insightful metrics and visualizations. From startups to enterprises, scales effortlessly to accommodate codebases of any size or complexity, supported by a dedicated team of experts committed to providing unparalleled support and guidance. Elevate your software development process with and unlock the full potential of static code analysis.



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