Are you willing to risk the pitfalls of reduced test coverage, manual testing challenges,

and potential compliance headaches?

Automated Unit Testing Tool for C/C++



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Why Cantata


Cost Reduction
Cut costs associated with standards compliance and testing efforts.
Risk Mitigation
Minimize commercial risks of software failure by ensuring thorough testing and code coverage.
Lower Testing Costs
Reduce overall testing costs by streamlining testing procedures and improving efficiency.

Automated Unit & Integration Testing for C & C++

Cantata® is a unit and integration software testing tool, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical C/C++ code on embedded target and host native platforms.

Cantata® is integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains, from cross-compilers to requirements management and continuous integration tools. The Eclipse GUI, tight tool integrations, highly automated C/C++ test cases generation, all make Cantata® easy to use.

Cantata® has been independently certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR GmbH for use at the highest integrity levels for safety-related standards including ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, and IEC 60880. It is also end user qualifiable for standards such as DO-178B/C.

Cantata® helps accelerate compliance with the standard’s dynamic testing requirements by automating:

  • Test framework generation
  • Test case generation
  • Test execution
  • Results diagnostics and report generation

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Key Features
  • Automated Test Framework: Cantata automates the entire testing process, from generating unit test frameworks to executing tests and generating comprehensive diagnostic reports.

  • Integration with Embedded Development Toolchains: Seamlessly integrated with a variety of embedded development toolchains, Cantata ensures compatibility and ease of use across different platforms.

  • Extensive Source Code Metrics: With over 300 source code metrics, Cantata provides objective measurements and visualizations, enabling developers to assess the quality of their code effectively.

  • Deep Code Coverage Analysis: Cantata's deep code coverage analysis feature identifies gaps in code coverage, ensuring thorough testing and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • AutoTest: Automatically generates complete passing unit test scripts, achieving 100% code coverage while verifying data, parameters, and call order.

Cantata is the ultimate solution for automated unit and integration testing in C and C++ languages.