Are you struggling to identify areas of your codebase that are not adequately tested?

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Features of Squish COCO





Real-time code coverage analysis
Integration with popular CI/CD tools
Support for multiple programming languages



Coco is a multi-language code coverage tool. Automatic source code instrumentation is used to measure test coverage of statements, branches and conditions.

Squish Coco is a complete code coverage tool chain for Tcl, QML, C# and C/C++ programs (including SystemC programs). It runs on macOS, Linux™ and Microsoft® Windows

Executing a test suite against an instrumented application produces data that can later be analyzed. This analysis can be used to understand how much of the source code has been hit by tests, which additional tests need to be written, how the test coverage changed over time and more.

Squish Coco analyzes the way an application runs, e.g. as part of a test suite. The results can then be used to make the tests more efficient and complete.

In particular, Squish Coco helps to

  • Find untested code sections.
  • Find redundant tests which can then be eliminated.
  • Squish Coco can identify which portions of the source code are covered by a test. It can detect whether a new test covers lines in the source code that the existing tests do not cover.
  • Find dead code by displaying code that is never executed.
  • Calculate the optimum test execution order so as to maximize test coverage for each run.
  • This is particularly useful for manual testing.
  • Analyze two separate versions of an application and compare the differences.
  • This makes it possible to see which tests are affected by source code modifications and also to get some measure of the test coverage of a patch or hot fix.
  • Measure the execution time of programs and tests.

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Benefits of Using Squish COCO
  • Improved software quality
  • Reduced risk of undiscovered bugs
  • Enhanced test efficiency
  • Streamlined development process


Don't let code coverage blind spots compromise the quality of your software.
Invest in Squish COCO today and take control of your testing process.