DevOps is a ideology, a culture of collaboration and sharing aimed at bringing the software development and operations teams together to help eliminate constraints and decrease time-to-market. DevOps capabilities span the software delivery life cycle. An organization determines where and how to implement DevOps based on business objectives, goals, challenges, and gaps in the organization's software delivery capabilities.

Meteonic help organizations in the adoption of DevOps by following step:

  • Assessment Task
  • Develop and test
  • Deploy
  • Operate

Metoenic help you understand how to improve your overall Continuous Integration process, establish pre-flight build procedures, configure your CI server and preserve established production turnover processes that enable the developers to move forward with agile efforts without interrupting clearly defined production release methods. Our consultants are experienced with opensource solutions such as Puppet, Chef, Docker and Jenkins.

Continuous deployment automated tests is automatically deployed into production. Meteonic enable to extends the automation of the application delivery cycle into the production environment.

Meteonic believe that fully automated infrastructures are one of the primary success factors for companies implementing configuration management and enforcing consistency. We treat infrastructure as code to build a self-serviced deployment platform. We are experts in various automation tools like Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Clarive and more to detect and respond to performance anomalies before they cause any service disruption. It’s just what you’d expect from the best managed cloud company.

Meteonic believe that the key to Software Configuration Management is to have one that encourages progress, safe guards development, and reinforces standards when you need it most. We recognize that whilst SCM should meet a modern standard, it should always act as an advantage in the growth and development of your business. This is why we are able to work with you to ensure that you reach the key balance between effective SCM and transparency within your organization.

There are many ways that Meteonic can help achieve this equilibrium. We not only specialize in the top-rated commercial and open source tools but we also provide consulting, training and services around DevOps and Software Configuration Management

This includes End to End services, along with tools and processes to ensure smooth transitioning. We’ve got the expertise and know how to do cloud migration in the shortest possible time. We use the most suitable tools to provide rapid operations management for migrated applications. This ultimately reduces your time to migrate and provides the right metrics for managing new environments.

Agile means delivering value to your customer. With the business to choose when to deliver to production, not when IT is ready, IT should be able to deliver at any time. With complex delivery chains and multiple interdependent teams, delivering value to end customers in high frequency is challenging. Also, a large organization usually means a complex organization. Metoenic could provide agile-based advisory services in various domains including Software Development, Project Management, and service environments. We also serve clients in implementing agile processes like SCRUM and XP, as well as aligning agile with CMMI process areas.

Agile requires a significant mindset shift, and a commitment to continuous improvement. It can be done on your own, but even the most competent teams often need help in getting there. Meteonic Agile experts will thoroughly assess your current Agile maturity level (you may be surprised by what you don’t know!) Then, they will coach your teams to apply best practices and accelerate the pace of your Agile journey.

Meteonic makes applications more reliable, and web services and mobility solutions that deliver a better end user experience. We offer an array of scalable specialized testing services for every organization.

Test Automation

Our platform-independent, business-driven approach improves automation across applications. Our proprietary accelerators increase test coverage and get your products to market faster.

Functional and Performance Testing

Performance plays a vital role in the user experience. Meteonic comprehensive service is a full cycle suite that includes defining, building and measuring performance.

Digital and Mobility Testing

Our digital and mobile test labs ensure end users enjoy a personal, seamless, differentiated experience across channels. Our mobile script-less automation framework tests applications that support the full range of mobile devices.

API and Web Service Testing

Our robust web service testing automation framework gives you the ability to run advanced functional and non-functional tests at the web services layer. The framework reduces testing costs and allows you to quickly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests.

Enterprise Application Testing

We have the domain and technical experience to test the most demanding mission-critical applications. We develop frameworks to ensure ERP applications produce predictable and measureable results.