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Cloudify is an open source multi-cloud orchestration platform featuring a unique ‘Environment as a Service’ technology that has the power to connect, automate and manage new & existing infrastructure and networking environments of entire application pipelines. It enables DevOps teams and Infrastructure & Operations groups effortless transition to public cloud and Cloud-native architecture, as well as a consistent way to manage all private & public environments using plugins that integrate with all cloud environments (VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, GCP) and existing toolchains (CI/CD, Terraform, Kubernetes). It enables modernizing on-prem cloud environments, as well as managing deployments on public and cloud-native architecture - all with no lock-in.

Using Cloudify, all deployments and changes can be done automatically -- instantly updating all relevant applications! Saving cost, time, and errors for total compliance. As a leading vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Infrastructure Automation Tools, Cloudify has a track record of orchestrating applications delivery as a value stream.