Better, Faster Product Definition

Author requirements and create cross-team review groups with a sophisticated solution that removes the overhead of preparing content for a review.

  • Prioritize requirements validation, problem statements, engineering responses, negotiation and reviews.
  • Share robust, contextual information about your specs.
  • Orchestrate work across multiple teams delivering a single complex product.


Shorten milestone phases, improve efficiency, identify risk and find opportunities to innovate with purposeful collaboration.

  • Coordinate stakeholders, engineers, partners, data, conversations and decisions.
  • Unlock valuable product information from documents and email.
  • Store work in progress and archives in the same place for ongoing iteration, real-time reporting and clarity across the organization.

Validation, Verification and Test

Maintain traceability evidence to visually confirm every requirement, system and component spec has been tested.

  • Configure and customize your traceability structure.
  • Create, maintain and relate test cases, validate and verify product specs in one place.
  • Create relationships between—and manage the configuration of—engineering design and requirements.


Easily show auditors the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests, as well as related changes and discussions. Regulators can easily see impact and validation of change.

  • Evaluate and mitigate risks across multiple product dimensions.
  • Ensure life- and economy-critical product safety.
  • Have confidence your release meets every standard.
  • Meet compliance and regulatory approval simply by doing your work in Jama.

Product Variants

Jama lets you structure product variants from requirements for accelerated new product development.

  • Easily define and manage alternative data in parallel, and compare versions.
  • Develop branch releases and variants simultaneously.
  • Reuse entire IP blocks, or update specs, across product lines.
  • Create a searchable, centralized IP library.

Workflow Governance

Configure Jama to your process for structured systems development across process milestones, from concept to production

  • Support efficient V-model execution.
  • Keep all valuable product IP in a secure system of action.
  • Appeal to modern workforce with intuitive, easy to adopt interface.
  • Construct and enforce organizational workflows.