Rogue Wave CodeDynamics is a multifaceted interface for tracking down problems in your code. It handles multi-process and multi-threaded programs of great complexity, assisting you to analyze, organize, and test programs in order to isolate and identify problems in individual threads and processes.

CodeDynamics is based on the TotalView debugging engine, an established and powerful application capable of handling massively parallel programs in the HPC arena.CodeDynamics is built to accommodate enterprise dynamic analysis and debugging requirements for applications with large numbers of processes and threads, source files, executables, and shared libraries.

CodeDynamics incorporates ReplayEngine technology. With this feature engaged, you can go backwards in the debugging session to find, for example, where an obviously incorrect variable value went wrong.

CodeDynamics supports C++11 features for the GNU compiler, including support for lambdas, transformations for smart pointers, auto types, R-Value references, range-based loops, strongly-typed enums, initializer lists, user defined literals, and transformations for many of the containers such as array, forwardlist, tuple and others.

Introductory video: