Why Dynamic Analysis is important in Software Development Lifecycle?

Today most of the developers are known to Static Analysis which is being implemented as part of their development lifecycle. Because of this they are fixing some of the issues at the time of development which are related to Buffer Overflow, Null Pointer De reference and even some are working on to make their project compliance with industry standards like MISRA, CWE, CERT and so on. Static Analysis is the one which checks the code even before the code is being executed.

But the question is how one can check for the issues which occurs during the time of code execution. This is where the Dynamic Analysis works. Dynamic Analysis identifies the errors while program is running as well as it can analyze the code that can’t be accessed.

Scenario Where Dynamic Analysis would have helped?

Let us discuss a scenario where you can find Dynamic Analysis is helpful. Sometimes our System becomes too slow. But this situation can be improved by rebooting, this is because of the memory leak where the programs do not correctly release blocks of memory back to the Operating System.

To overcome this situation, we need to investigate Memory Debugging which can help in identifying why an application is crashing which is a form of Dynamic Analysis. If we use too much of memory with a program running over time performance is going to be affected. Using too much of memory without releasing the memory to heap may result in application crash or system crash.

Why are Advanced Dynamic Analysis Tools required?

It is good to have advanced Dynamic Code Analysis tools which are more robust tools and are built for complex applications utilizing advanced technologies such as GPUs and many threads and processes to accomplish their task. These kinds of tools are enough for complex applications and are easy to use within development environments. They offer an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to control examine the information gathered and presented during a dynamic analysis of the application.

Why TotalView for Dynamic Analysis?

TotalView is one of the top Dynamic Code Analysis tools in the market. TotalView supports C, C++, Fortran and Python. It is a source code debugger for understanding how your multithreaded and multiprocess application runs and troubleshooting complex programs. TotalView provides the advanced dynamic analysis capabilities for developers to understand how complex applications are running and data is being generated.