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Make Your Business Safe With Smarter Website Security:

Reflectiz scan and monitor any digital asset globally, and create an unique inventory in just minutes. We identify and map all 1st, 3rd and 4th client-side risks and allow you to effectively prioritize and remediate issues in real-time.

E-Commerce Protection:

We help top e-commerce websites and online retailers to stay one step ahead of next-generation cyber-attacks.

Our automated technology protects e-commerce websites against browser-side attacks and Magecart threat actors, form-jacking, GDPR/CCPA violations, data breaches and even vendor errors that might affect your website’s security posture.

With no installation and without any effect on your website performance.

Financial Website Mitigation:

Websites risks are on the horizon with websites required to add dozens of digital applications such as tags managers, engagement tools and lots of open-source frameworks. Those applications create new challenges to security teams as they are bypassing the regular SDLC process.

With Reflectiz you immediately get full visibility into every app being used on your website.
Map and detect any risk and answer security, compliance and legal department needs with only one dashboard and without any installation requirements.

Protect your website against supply-chain attacks, vulnerabilities created by unplanned vendor changes and any suspicious behavior while gaining full visibility with our first-of-kind, digital application inventory.